Nano Current-Lifting Facials

This treatment uses a small, healing electric frequency delivered to the dermal level of the skin to initiate cell regeneration while promoting smoother, firmer skin. After the nano-current process is performed, the top layer of the skin is treated with a customized mixture of serums. You'll see instant results without any down time or inflammation, and skin will continue to improve as part of a regular skin care regime.

The LuxeFor dramatic, immediate results, Beautiful You's Luxe treatment combines a personalized current-lifting skin treatment utilizing two different machines used simultaneously to most closely replicate your unique electric 'signature.' The facial is finished with customized serums from Biologique Recherche. You'll look great immediately following the treatment, and your results will continue to improve over the next 72 hours. Your skin will appear more luminous, firm, and hydrated, while fine lines will be softened and skin tone will be more even. The Luxe treatment takes about an hour and ten minutes and is perfect for a special treat or a big event.


Endermologie™ is the world's #1 cellulite treatment. 95% of all women have some degree of cellulite, and only Endermologie targets the connective, fat-trapping tissue that causes a dimpled appearance in the skin. Utilizing the newest lipomassage technique, Endermologie's non-invasive treatments promote noticeably smoother, tighter, healthier skin while smoothing imperfections and flushing out impurities. With a series of treatments and regular maintenance, clients report a dramatic reduction or elimination of cellulite. Visit for more information.

Body Electric

This revolutionary process utilizes a neurostimulator that resonates with your own electrical field, stimulating and contracting the muscles of the body to create dramatic results. Developed by the co-inventor of the artificial pacemaker, Body Electric works the muscles faster that traditional exercise and can help jump-start a weight loss program and speed healing after an injury. You'll see immediate results, and when Body Electric is combined with a healthy lifestyle and a regular program of maintenance your body will become more toned and fit-with far less effort.

Body Bronzing

Our Sunless Tan by SunFx is all organic, with only 3 natural ingredients. Hide body blemishes with a healthy glow. Each application is customized especially for you to slenderize and bronze your appearance. This is also great for blendinng tan lines. Walk out our door 7-10 shades darker and stay that way for up to 14 days.

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